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Fantasy Homes

By Kate MacLeary on Jul 29 2015

It goes without saying that location is king, but a great location isn’t just about stunning landscapes. What’s just as intriguing are unusual buildings and how they sit within their immediate surroundings. To illustrate, I’m going to explore some quirky properties in fabulous locations.

This quirky house is indeed pure fantasy - in fact it doesn’t even exist! The brainchild of French visual artist Benoit Challand, this ‘fantasy house’ is a vision of the future, a self sustainable house on stilts inspired by the iconic modernist buildings of Le Corbusier. Aptly named ‘The Roost House’ (presumably owing to it’s bird-house like qualities), the conceptual structure features solar panels, wind turbines mounted beneath the lower floor and is entirely clad in timber.

Futuristic it may be, but the sleek internal wooden cladding, classic Eames furniture and crisp linens carry all the hallmarks of classic design at it’s best. Not to mention that view; I’m sure I could cope with waking up to that every morning! What isn’t shown is the method of entry - a precarious climb up a high ladder if you want to go inside and make a cuppa. Not for the faint of heart!

This crumbling structure set in the lush mountains of Switzerland looks at first glance to be a disused lodge or farm building, but the rugged exterior belies an architectural triumph within. The 200 year old building remains completely untouched on the outside but has been extensively renovated in minimalist style by Buchner Bründler Architekten to create a breathtaking holiday home.

The predominant material is concrete of varying textures, which creates an industrial, functional aesthetic. This stripped back approach may not be to everyone’s taste, however for me, the juxtaposition of rough original wooden beams, 200 year old weathered stone and crisp polished surfaces is a thing of beauty. Definitely a space crying out for a fashion photoshoot!

Of course, fantasy homes need not be in remote and rugged locations. This quirky home in the heart of Manhattan caught my eye. Perched atop an apartment building in New York’s West Village, this cute apartment triumphs in location and has oodles of style.

Positioned above a tea shop, this compact home extends to just 350 square feet but is flooded with light, benefiting from a lofty skylight and several large windows. I love the idea of a quaint oasis on the rooftop, just a stones throw from the bustle of the city streets.

Whatever your style, this quick overview goes some way to illustrate the transformative power of architecture and reminds us that thinking outside the box and breaking the traditional rules of thumb can produce breathtaking results.