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The View From Here

By Lori on Aug 04 2015

One of the first views we have in the morning is out our window. Have you ever thought about how everyone has their own unique view from their window? Well Somfy, the interiors website did and decided to launch an incredible photography projected titled ‘The View From Here’.

Somfy got in contact with 41 freelance photographers around the world and asked them to take a photo through their own window, one from the morning and one from the evening. To accompany the image, the photographers had to also include a few sentences on what this view meant to them.

From India to Australia, this photography series is a fascinating window into the way we live captured in the most intimate and personal way. Here are a few of our favourties….


“From my window I can see the Colombian mountains laid out before me. This is the beginning of the dry season so I can smell grass and horses, and hear birdsong. The landscape is very dramatic.

It’s in sharp contrast to the rainy season when it often rains for 24 hours or more at a time. The rain feels endless. The seasons here are so determinant in all aspects of life. But I feel very comfortable here, living very simply with just the basic things I need, and I love the people here, they are so friendly and helpful.”

By Juan


“When I get up, the first thing I do is look out at my beautiful city. Most mornings I’ll see my elderly neighbor as he drinks his coffee and smokes his cigarette on the terrace next to mine.

There’s always a lot of sounds, I hear birds, I hear traffic, I hear my neighbors, but the view from my window always makes me feel better. This part of town is growing very fast, and there’s a lot of changes every year, but I like those changes because they make my city look better.

At the end of each day there’s another beautiful view of my city, the sky turns dark blue and the clouds turn pink or red.”

By Dusan


“As I take this picture, I can hear birds singing and wind blowing inside the vents. I feel happy.

I love that I can see seasons change. In summer I feel every light breeze that brings the cool air from the waterfront. In autumn I watch the colors of the forest at the other side of the river changing. In winter I can see the river become slowly covered with ice. In spring I watch the ice break and the stream take it to the sea and trees next to my windows blossoming.

My apartment’s windows face the river Daugava, which is the largest river in Latvia. It is about 800 meters wide at the point where my building is located, so all I see is a vast amount of water and a mixed tree forest on the other side of the river.

As a northerner and introvert at heart, I love the fact that all I see everyday is nature even though I live in the largest city in the Baltic states.”

By Ieva


“Crows patrol outside the century old house we call home, a home that we are about to lose. We have to sell because the maintenance costs are rising day by day.

From my window I can see the adjacent houses situated on the north side, I can hear my neighbors talking, the dogs barking, and there are birds that sing. But it smells of dogs, as there are 9 dogs living in the gap between my house and the house next to mine.

Whenever I am in this room, I can't help but think about my childhood because this is the room I used to share with my brother. I love everything about it, this secret window and the unique view. As darkness falls you can barely see the distant houses.

I hate the fact that most of the old houses in this neighborhood are being replaced by new apartments. These old houses have been here since Calcutta was the capital of British India.”

By Debapriya


“My view makes me feel connected to a bustling, lively city, even though I live in the suburbs. I love that I can see the modern buildings that make up Bangkok as well as the cranes that are busily erecting the future iconic buildings of the city. At night, the lights twinkle and it’s beautiful.

I really dislike the mobile phone tower that sits directly in front of my building, if I were just 5 floors higher in this building, then it wouldn’t disrupt my view.

I've only been living here for 2 months, but I can see that it won't be long before I have new buildings to look up and enchant me with their twinkling lights.”

By Gavin


“Currently facing me is a huge block of local authority flats; but they're due for demolition soon. They’re set to be replaced with a new block of flats. While I understand and can empathize with the housing crisis we have, there’s a selfish part of me that’s looking forward to not having to look out onto this rather ugly building and instead be able to see more of the beautiful park that's directly to the right of it.

I have the great fortune (for London standards) of having an extremely large floor to ceiling window, with a door leading out on to the balcony. It's also east-facing, which means that on the days the sun does decide to come out in full-swing, brilliant light comes through in the mornings and afternoon. When the door's closed, I can't hear much, but when it's open in the summer, I hear all the hustle and bustle from the main road down below me.”

By Vicke


“From my window I can see Ahu Tahai, the island’s sunset spot in the distance. This place makes me feel so calm, I can hear the sound of the waves breaking on the rocks and smell the sea breeze.

I feel very lucky to be here, in the middle of the ocean. I love the peace and how calm this island makes me feel. However there’s also a sad feeling: I ask myself why is time passing so quickly.”

By Juan