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The Sophie Hulme Armor Tote Bag

By Lori on Aug 26 2015

The never-ending quest for the perfect bag often feels like the equivalent of searching for a unicorn. Some of the criteria includes: good quality so it can stay on your arm for more than a few seasons and design features that are stylish yet practical at the same time. It doesn’t seem like we’re asking for a lot now does it?

When it comes to the perfect work wear bag: it needs to sling over your shoulder and equally fit your entire makeup bag & technologic accessories. Well we’ve done the impossible, we’ve found a unicorn! (Okay maybe Kate Hudson found it first but still)

Sophie Hulme’s covetable tough-talking leather tote bag is the ideal everyday bag. The large box hollow interior lets you fit everything you need in one space, from your laptop to the kitchen sink. It’s gold plated panels is it’s signature design feature that gives that effortlessly chic armor for the city vibe.

Sophie Hulme’s designs are inspired by her unconventional surroundings where she lived in a converted toy factory. A cute little fact: her debut handbag collection was inspired by toy dinosaurs. Her classic pieces have continued to have this masculine edge. Sophie’s graduate collection was picked up by Selfridges and in the coming years has served her international success.

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