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The History Of Chloe

By Cat Penn on Sep 18 2015

Known for producing coveted IT bags time and time again, Chloe is a true trendsetter brand. You can spot their arm candy a mile off, but do you know the history?

Founded in 1952 by Gaby Aghion, the fashion house was originally formed with the vision of giving Pret-a-porter to the masses. Pre-Chloe, fashion houses provided strictly made to measure garments, which were reserved for the highest classes with the fattest wallets.

To Aghion, this was far too stiff and boring, and she felt high fashion should be for all. She set about creating fun and flattering garments for all, thus creating ready-to-wear as it is now known.

From birthing this new frontier of fashion, Chloe went on to become one of the most loved brands, creating beautiful, feminine clothing that is adored by all, including celebrities such as Emma Stone, Clemence Poesy and Sienna Miller.

When Chloe’s clothes aren’t catching eyes, their accessories are grabbing the attention of the fashion elite. Known for creating the ever-desirable Paddington, Marcie and most recently the Drew, Chloe knows how to create a bag to set hearts racing (and how to create a media storm, we all know of the enforced waiting lists for the aforementioned Paddington!).

As the founder of pret-a-porter, we love Chloe as much for their change to the fashion industry as we do for their clothing. We eagerly await the creation of their next beautiful bag, let’s just hope we can get our hands on it!