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Give My Wardrobe Appeal

By Kal Di Paola on Sep 21 2015

Sadly it took some very distressing images of a little boy washed up on a beach to get the global community to recognise the human tragedy taking place on Europe's shores.

Like most other people we are devastated we can't do more to help and so want to do our bit to help those people who have been displaced from their homes and face an uncertain future.

Winter is coming and conditions are not good for refugees and migrants who are currently camped at sites in Europe. They are in dire need of warm clothing, camping and cooking equipment and food and toiletries. We have decided to support the efforts of Brenton Amedee who is one of many individuals helping the efforts on the ground. He is making regular trips to help the 3000 people living in poor conditions in "the jungle" at Calais.

We will be donating 10% of profits from our next event to the cause and will also be collecting good quality menswear to send with Brendon on one of his regular trips.

Because they are not accepting women's or children's clothing - we are offering to sell any good quality designer items that get donated to raise money instead. 100% of the money form the sale of donated clothes will go straight to the cause.

How you can help?

If you'd like to join us in supporting Brenton to help the homeless at Calais please either

  • donate money directly here

  • contact us at to find out where you can donate the following items. Warm/ski jackets, duvets, blankets, hot water bottles, wellies, gloves, scarfs and hats.

  • donate good quality women's clothing that we can sell on our "Give My Wardrobe" stand at our next BuyMyWardrobe event on Oct 17th 2015 - all proceeds from donated items will go directly to the cause.