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By Lori on Oct 27 2015

Sometimes all it takes for a brand to take off is one perfect design that will forever remain timeless. For Givenchy this is the Nightingale handbag. The bag debuted in late 2006, it quickly rose to fame for it’s modern slouchy structure and it’s polished look. The bag is named after Florence Nightingale, who became world famous for her pioneering work in nursing during Crimean war.

The bag comes with two handles and a detachable strap. So you decide whether to wear/showcase your arm candy hands free or clutched tight. The Givenchy monogram is embossed into the handles of the bag, just so everyone knows IT’S GIVENCHY!

The bag attracted an army of IT girls following the first of the line…The Olsens. Once Ashley Olsen was photographed grabbing her Venti Starbuck caffeinated cups one morning with her Givenchy Nightingale at her side, the frenzy began. Soon after the boho girls of LA such as Nicole Richie and Miley Cyrus were quick to follow in her fashion footsteps by being seen with the Nightingale.

What makes this bag so special, is that it’s still honed it’s cool. Nealry a decade after it’s been released and still you can see numerous celebrities chosing this as their bag choice (Nicole Richie still wears hers).

The Givenchy Nightingale is £1450 in stores right now. Shop yours preloved at the preloved designer fashion markeplace buymywardrobe for £600!

The Seller says “Barely warn Givenchy nightingale bag. Medium size. Purchased from Harrods. Includes dust bag. This iconic bag has three interior pockets, two open mobile pockets on one side and a larger zip pocket on the other. The army green shade works as a neutral.”