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Cowboy Culture – Home on the Range

By Kate MacLeary on Nov 03 2015

As we move into November and the nights draw in, it’s time to step layering up a notch and make your pad feel ultra-cosy. An autumnal colour palette really lends itself to rust reds and browns, tactile wood and chunky layers, so I’ve scoured the web for some key looks.

I’m really inspired by lone star cowboy style as pioneered by the big name designers such as Ralph Lauren and Andrew Martin who led the frontier trend. The key is to move away from chic minimalist spaces and think cosy layers, bright colours and striking prints.

Of course this area of interior design tends to go hand in hand with traditional Native American prints and design and it’s really fun to mix these two styles for an eclectic Wild West feel. Here’s a sample of interior schemes that deliver big on cowboy cool:

First up, the king of this look, Ralph Lauren. He used his extensive collection of Native American artefacts and vintage cowboy gear to stunning effect in his Colorado ranch.

Images via Architectural Digest

The bright colours and tactile blankets really make this look pop!

Oh, and of course, he has teepees for guest accommodation. Yes really.

So how to try this look at home? Cowhide rugs are a major feature of the trend; layer rugs to create a laid back and comfy interior that delivers big on design.

Image via

If you can’t break away from scandi-style to embrace the cowboy trend, you can steal elements from the ranch look as illustrated in this chic bedroom above, which juxtaposes organic materials with crisp white walls and clean lines.

Image via Ralph Lauren

Texture is key – layer, layer and layer some more!

This cosy cabin nails the Western trend. The antlers, raw wood and Native American inspired cushions combined with sumptuous throws make for a cosy, inviting space. I love the layered bedding, which gives just a nod to ranch-style living and is really easy to replicate.

Perfectly illustrating the diversity of this look, the bedroom above follows a similar format with layered bedding and exposed wooden cladding, but amps up the volume on colour and pattern, making the space feel a little more polished and sophisticated.

This beautiful living room sums up beautifully how to pull off the Wild West meets tribal look without going overboard. The plaid cushions, Navajo style rugs and wall hangings add just a hint of Americana style to this chic apartment without going full on cowboy!

Check out the contrasting use of textures on this battered leather armchair. Traditionalists take note; this is how to nail the classic frontier look. There are hints of colonial here but it’s the raw distressed leather and vibrant striped cushion with ochres and reds that create the classic Ralph Lauren Western inspired look. No teepee required!

Of course you can’t think cowboy without Texas coming to mind. Whilst searching for Texan inspired homes, I was thrilled to come across The Cavender Diary, a renovation blog started by James and Jamie, a switched on, stylish couple, one of whom just so happens to be Creative Director at Ralph Lauren. Their incredible home is the epitome of tongue-in-cheek Western style, purposefully embracing the clichés of this trend:

Style lesson 101, layer your rugs – this is a perfect example of how to combine different colours and textures of floor coverings, instantly warming up the parquet flooring beneath to create a cosy living space.

Again, the couple have layering down to a fine art. The layered pictures and flag behind the TV combined with stacks of colourful books beneath create interest and draw the eye away from the TV itself.

The look is full on Western in style but retains a chic, grown up personality.

These cushions were hand made by James, who used fabric scraps from Ralph Lauren to make them, before sewing on baseball jacket letters. How cool is that?

Interiors don’t get more Texan than this rustic scheme but I love the authenticity of this house – the fact the couple live in Dallas means that thick plaids and rugged boots aren’t just for show – this is a home for day to day living.

Inspired? Here’s how to get the look:

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