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By Vicki Metcalfe on May 09 2013

We want to know, how many of you are on Pinterest?

For what seems like a lifetime, the social pinboard site to share your inspirations and ideas has been slowly bubbling and silently growing, and has only fairly recently taken off for businesses in comparison to other social media sites.

We think it’s great to get a visual insight into the people behind a brand and find out what makes them tick, aside from (and sometimes alongside) their own products.

Each member of the BuyMyWardrobe team has their own personal board – check us out here if you’re not following already!

Marijne is our biggest pinner by far, with 441 to date. Expect to find edgy fashion shots from awesome editorials – it’s her very own online magazine scrapbook!

Alex and I are relative newbies to the Pinterest party. Every now and again we’re suddenly reminded by a pin-worthy piece of fashion goodness, and new items are added to our visual wish list for the up coming season.

My most popular image with 122 re-pins so far is a pair of $22 printed shorts, from a brand called She Inside, which coincidentally I only found out about through Pinterest. I ended up ordering them after a good few weeks swooning over them, and they’re amazing!

Kal is a sucker for outfit posts, from quirky street style images to designer looks straight off the catwalks at fashion week. I spot a theme of tailored trousers, fitted blazers and ankle boots (the basis of her everyday wardrobe!) This is the board for you to browse for style inspiration if you too have a thing for classic separates with punchy prints.

How do you use yours? We’d love to know your most pinned item, favourite boards, and send us your own Pinterest links so we can follow you all!