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Mimma Viglezio's Designer Wardrobe

By Lori on Dec 14 2015

Formerly Executive VP Global Communications at PPR’s Gucci Group, I’ve worked in the luxury industry for over 20 years. Since January 2010 I’ve been managing my own company, advising clients in the retail and fashion industry on branding, organisation strategy and communications.

Over the course of my career and thanks to friendly and business relations with several designers, I’ve had access to all the latest trends. Some of my items are barely worn and sometimes I sell pieces from my treasured vintage collection.

1. What is your star sign?


2. Your favourite London restaurant?

Wolseley, Colbert, Delaunay

3. Motto to live by?

What goes around comes around

4. Who would play you in a film of your life?

Tilda Swinton (I wish!!)

5. If you weren’t in fashion, what career would you pursuit?

I would head a Philanthropic organisation or work for the UN to try to actually make it do something meaningful to the world

6. Instgram or Twitter?


7. Who should we definitely be following on social media?

Whoever does not post their food

8. What’s something most people wouldn’t know about you?

I love cooking and I cook a lot
I am pathetically tidy
I need 8 hours sleep to function properly. And a few other things that I want to keep secret ;-)

9. Your favourite book?

Many but the one I would definitely bring to the moon is Adrian Memoires by Marguerite Yourcenar

10. What perfume do you wear?

Bulgari au The Blanc

11. What’s your perfect weekend?

Either at home mostly in bed reading and binge watching TV series or out of town in the countryside with those I love and ideally on a horse

12. What would the soundtrack to your life be right now?

"Happy" definitely