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Hiba Elawadi Fashion Boutique Owner (& Undercover WAG!) Sells Her Designer Wardrobe

By Lori on Dec 27 2015

I think I'm a bit like Anna Dello Russo... I love fashion and love experimenting with really quirky and fun things! I'm usually more trendy than classic!

A closet is like cooking.. you need all the right ingredients. I tend to buy what I find missing in my closet since I've got the basics already. Right now I'm sticking to staple pieces. I've decided to de clutter my wardrobe hence selling so much on BuyMyWardrobe ... "Less is more" convenient I find.. Since I got pregnant my shoes went up half a size and I'd gained a lot of weight in the pregnancy.. which means I've got amazing clothes and shoes that just sadly don't fit!

What is your star sign?

I'm your typical Libra. Quite balanced but sometimes one side can weigh too much.

What is your favourite restaurant?

I love places with good food and a good buzz. To see people around me happy and enjoying themselves and that's including the people all across the restaurant. Happy moments.. That's what going back out is about.. My favourite places that give me this feeling are Novikov, Il Baretto, and Cipriani.

If you didn't live in the UK, where would you live?

Dubai would definitely be where I'd be living if it wasn't the UK. My sister also lives there now so would be perfect to have her and her kids with mine together play and grow up together..

What is something most people don't know about you?

I'm religious. I think religion is something between yourself and God that not everybody needs to necessarily know about. But I've got that side to me.. Oh I've just remembered something else people wouldn't know about me.. I like to listen to classical music.. I put classic FM on and it's just perfect!

Instagram or Twitter?

Instagram.. I'm not a huge fan of Twitter since it's not as visual as Instagram so the viewings aren't as successful unless of course you're someone successful and famous like my husband @elmo_27 where he can communicate with the fans directly I think it's great for that..

What perfume do you wear?

I pick my scent depending on what I'm wearing and mood but it mainly has tones of oud scents to them. My favourites are both by Tom Ford Noir De Noir and Fleur De Chine for a more fresher scent..