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Sell At The Next buymywardrobe Event

By Lori on Jan 15 2016

Do you need it? Does it fit? Has it got sentimental value?

Forget all that, the only question you need to ask yourself is Do You Wear It?

Clothes are meant to be worn, so if you’ve got a wardrobe of designer pieces you no longer wear, then it’s time to say your farewells. The good thing is, this needn’t be a solemn task. Here at buymywardrobe we make it our mission to make selling your wardrobe fun, fast and easy.

What better way to make cash from your clothes by becoming a seller at one of buymywardrobe’s upcoming events.

Don’t take our word for it, over to seller Rosie….(see our video above)


Our next event is on the 28th February at The Hoxton Hotel. If you are interested in being a seller then please email